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3 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Swing Set

A swing set should be made from quality materials by competent, professional craftsmen so that it is long-lasting, well-made, and safe. A quality swing set for you should be able to adapt with your family at any stage of life you enter.  Choosing a good manufacturer or craftsman is extremely important because they will know what the safest materials are for a swing set. Check out the factors below you should consider besides settling on a swing set for your home.

Quality materials

There are many kinds of woods, vinyls, and plastics that can be used to make swing sets and swing sets of all kinds. You want to choose a material that is strong, durable, and safe. In wooden swing sets, the type of wood should factor into what you look for.

Long lasting

Whether you choose a swing set that is vinyl or wooden, you will want to choose a quality material that will last for a long time. Although the base of the swing set is very important, the accessories such as swing and slides should also be durable and be able to survive a number of different weather conditions.


The number one key in determining if a swing set is right for you is the safety. You do not want to deal with the potential of your kids getting hurt because you did not know that the swings and slides were not made out of a durable material. Moving parts that could crush the hands or feet of a child is something that must be taken account for. The type of wood is also important because you don’t want children to get splinters

We strive to bring you a quality swing set that is very affordable and loaded with features and activities your children will enjoy for years. Oaktree  & Gazebos has a swing set for almost every budget!

Quality construction throughout using only the best swing hangers in the industry. Our swing sets are built with stainless steel fasteners with 1 1/8″ powder-coated rungs.